It’s not just Microcement,

This is LuxuryCiment.

LuxuryCiment synonymous with “elegance and continuity” with extremely hard coatings for lovers of unique and seamless surfaces


How and where you want

Elegance and continuity with extremely hard coatings, creating surfaces without joints.
This versatile coating, a few millimetres thick, allows renewing any type of surface without removing the existing coating.
And among its advantages we can highlight: it is waterproof, resistant to high traffic, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, and its continuous surface is easy to clean and maintain.

The lining Ideal for renovation

One character for most modern spaces and a minimalist style also can integrate perfectly in rustic areas, tiled floors continuously obtaining a decorative exclusively indoors or exterior. Versatile to allow renovation of floors and walls in homes, shops, business offices, on surfaces such as bathrooms, showers, spas, saunas, kitchens, including furniture design to create as it is applicable across cement, plaster, mosaics, tiles, plates … etc

Easy renovations

Microcement has become in recent years the ideal product to achieve a renovation, this is due to the possibility of application on almost any surface without removing the old layer, the end result is not very thick and is resistant. Microcement it is the ideal solution for renovations.

Producer and distributor of Microcement

LuxuryCiment uses proven components of high quality for soil treatments, in order to meet the required characteristics as well as durability, stability, and strength. Check our solutions in microcement... The application of LuxuryCiment is responsible since it allows to reduce to the minimum the debris, dust, thickness and all the other annoyances caused by the annoying renovations. 
If you want to start working with our material it is good to know that we carry out training and we give advice to the professional.

LuxuryCiment Products:

Microcement is a bi-component product. Application of the product is made in multiple layers. Product knowledge and professional installation is required.
We offer support and training for professionals.

Get more inspiration

Shape and create the environment you want from the many LuxuryCiment solutions. Choose your custom-made coating.

41 colors, infinite possibilities

Microcement textures with different decorative appearance, touch and functionalities. The tone, intensity and colour vary depending on the amount of products diluted in the cement and the type of polymer used. With the quality pigments we offer, you can get an infinite number of colour tones. You can unleash your imagination, or even produce ways to make the surface unique, specially customized and elegant.

Application with microcement for renewal spaces

In LUXURY CEMENT our goal is to provide personalized attention and different alternatives for homes, shops, offices, a guarantee of works, that’s why the application must be carried out by persons qualified specialization in order to ensure adequate strength and finishing optimal for any surface thus maintaining product quality. Each application is unique.

Requests price for microcement

The cost per square meter will vary depending on the number of meters to be coated, the complexity of the work and the state of the surface to be worked.

We create microcement furniture

Rustic and natural style with stone effect, or modern and elegant.
The limit is in our imagination

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