41 colours, infinite possibilities

How are the microcement, colours, textures, finishes and Deluxe range

Microcement in colors, textures, finishes and Deluxe range

The tone, intensity and colour vary depending on the amount of pigment diluted in the cement and the type of polymer used. With the quality pigments we offer, you can get an infinite number of colour tones. You can unleash your imagination, or even produce ways to make the surface unique, specially customized and elegant.

These are the colours of our letter:

The colour Black can be seen in the satin and matt gloss samples.

  • Rose, Celeste, Green, Navone
  • Olombino, Bleu, Vert blanc, Retama
  • Pink, Far away, Lichtgrun, Ivory
  • White, Colomba, Moss, Olive
  • Orange, Broken White, Oxide, Light Ivory
  • Pure yellow, Pearl, Wine, Cream
  • Cake, Traffic, Aluminum, Beige
  • Signalschwarz, Gray Clair, Gray, Beigegrau

Clarification: the white colour is the only shade that does not require pigmenting the mixture since it is the same colour as the material.

Nordic colors collection

Microcement classic colors

Catalog of colors and samples of finishes

In the colour chart, you will find a sample of the 32 colours, applied with LUXURY FINE microcement and sealed in satin. These samples are on fine DM boards, and in spite of their size, the effect of water left by this material can be appreciated.

Deluxe range, the metallic effects of Microxid, Metallic and Purpurina Collection

Microxid Collection

Painting with fine particles of natural metal, once applied, can be oxidized or not.

Available in Steel, Thick Steel, Copper, Bronze and Brass.

Metallic Collection

Decorative paints for glazes with metallic reflections in different finishes

Available in Aluminium, Silver, Copper, Red.

Purpurine Collection

Water-based pastes for the application of glazes with reflections of glitter of metallic colours in different finishes. Available in Gold, Red and Silver.

Samples of textures and finishes

On one of the outer faces are the samples of 3 different textures obtained with the finishing microcements THICK, BASE and MEDIU (FINO is represented with the colour samples).

And in the other are microcement black colour, sealed with 3 different finishes: gloss, satin and matt. You can see how the reflections of light affect you differently.