Application Price

The average price of applied microcement, all you need to know about the different amount per m2.
For floor, wall, smooth or textured. A product for every need. Fine, Base, Mediu or Thick.
Whether on the floor or wall is very important that the work should be done by an expert, we form microcement applicators. To know how much a renovation with microcement contractor must assess extension and surface condition to be applied and complexity of work to determine the precise cost.

If you want to know how much can cost a microcement job and receive a quote based on your needs, a handyman must measure coverage and see the surface condition on the spot where you will like to apply microcement. With these data, we can provide you with a price for the application.

Knowing the factors that influence costs, you can better understand that the price can vary per m2 of the coating. We encourage you to ask us for a budget without the commitment!

Whether on the ground or on the wall, it is very important that the work is done by an expert so that the application is satisfactory.

Do you want to be an expert in the application of microcement? We offer courses and assistance.

Given the high level of growth and demand within this sector, a commitment to microcement skills guarantees many opportunities for work and business.

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Factors that will make the coating with microcement more or less expensive
There are 3 key points to know: The complexity of the work, the extension to be coated, the state of the surface to be worked. Also, come into play factors such as the quality of the material used and the professionalism of the workforce.

The complexity of work

The more complex (such as corners, recesses or obstacles) the more time professionals will have to spend and it will cost more money in proportion for each m2. For example, a clear floor, in front of applying a few meters in a bathroom sink, the shower where there are many nooks and crannies.

The extension to coat

The more smooth meters, the work yields more and the lower the amount for each m2. With a greater exemption, it is possible to work more optimally in each hand and make better use of time.

The good or poor condition of the surface to be worked

If the support is in poor condition and requires preparation and conditioning, this will increase the price of material and working time. A poorly levelled soil, a wall with damp, loose or broken tiles, involve more work.

The ideal situation

We can say that the ideal situation of cost per square meter, where the material, labour, and displacement would be better would be the following: a number of meters, in good condition of soil or wall, with few nooks and crannies.

Comparing with other coating solutions

If we take into consideration that it is possible to apply microcement on the old coating, this makes the microcement a cheaper and suitable solution for renovation, renewing the spaces in less time. In front of other coverings where it is necessary to deconstruct, increasing the manpower and price of getting rid of that rubble.

Knowing what the prices are, we want to recommend that you do not trust very cheap budgets, since the necessary materials are probably not used, or they may be of poor quality.

And now that you have already informed …

We encourage you to ask us for a budget without the commitment!