Microcement Furniture

Furniture with unique design, exclusive pieces.

We create microcement furniture. Rustic and natural style with stone effect, or modern and elegant The limit is in your imagination

The microcemento design furniture brings elegance and style that only pieces that are unique can give.

Within this line of furniture design, we have pieces to decorate rooms as different as living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, clothing stores, shops or offices. All these types of furniture will make the home or business an unforgettable place for anyone visiting.

The surfaces coated with microcement are resistant to outdoor conditions, do not deteriorate with sunlight,  waterproof, and also cleaning is simple with a neutral cleaner.

Materials and styles

We can find two types of furniture:

  • Built entirely in microcement and custom. In this case, lightweight and resistant components are used to form the structure of the furniture, which will then be completely and manually coated with microcement, of a color and texture of choice.
  • Designed by recycling an old piece of furniture, covering only a part with microcement . In this case, the combination of wood or pieces of iron with the microcement provides a very decorative rustic style.

As for the texture, you can get a rustic and natural style with stone effect with Luxury Thick.  Or sleek and elegant in the line of modern architecture with microcement finer finishes.

In addition to the range of colors of our menu, you can also play with the combination of natural metal paints.

This great variety of combinations with different materials and textures allows to include this  types of furniture in any decorative style.


Microcemento furniture for home or business premises

We create design furniture for interior or exterior, that adapt to the style of a home, a business or an office .

We have pieces as varied as:

  • Auxiliary tables
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Tables for lunch
  • Shelves
  • Office desks
  • Exhibitors for shops
  • Chairs
  • Stools

We are also developing a special line of outdoor furniture for terraces and gardens


Being 100% customizable, the price of microcement furniture can vary between values similar to that of conventional furniture, up to much higher amounts.

What we can assure is that they have a very good quality-price-design relationship. And under no circumstances are comparable to furniture manufactured in series.

By using recycled materials in their manufacture, the price will also depend on the cost of these materials.

Summing up its advantages

  • Its elaboration is handmade and personalized.
  • It can be ordered in different sizes.
  • Great variety of colors
  • Possibility of including different effects and finishes.
  • Easy to combine, adapting to different styles.
  • Resistant and suitable for interior and exterior.
  • Easy cleaning
  • You will not find two the same!