Pigments to color the microcement, wide range of tones and effects
Sealers for last layer of protection, which makes it waterproof and suitable for wet areas. In addition to giving greater resistance to wear.
  • Luxury seller water 5 + 1 – Clear varnish two components based on water-based resins
LUXURY seller – Water Sealer (A) 5L 
LUXURY seller – Water Sealer (B) 1l
Two-component colorless varnish (A + B) based on water-based resins, excellent abrasion resistance, very good hardness and chemical resistance; It does not yellow and can be applied outdoors or indoors.

(2 hands) -> 0.15 l / m2

How to use:
Allow the micro-cement to dry at least 24 to 48 hours before priming or sealing. Before sealing, the use of the IMPRIM-PROTECT primer is recommended, allowing it to dry for 24 hours before applying the sealant.
Mix 5L of component A with 1L of component B (20%). The life time of the mixture is 1 hour.
Application with a gun or short hair roller. Before applying the second coat, we recommend lightly sand the first coat with 400 grit sandpaper.
Allow drying for 8 hours between each coat (low temperatures and ambient humidity delay drying). The first layer is sanded with 400 grit and the last layer does not require sanding.