All the necessary tools to work with microcement


All the tools and spare parts recommended when coating with microcement: trowels, sandpaper, sanding gloves, roller.

  • Steel trowel 30cm
  • Rubber trowel
  • Sandpaper in different grain

Steel trowel 30cm

Flexible steel trowel 30cm long, with round blade and beveled edge. The plastic handle is ergonomic and lightweight. 
This trowel is recommended for all microcements with the exception of LUXURY FINE (rubbing the steel will leave marks and burned effect). 
It is important to be careful after much use, the edges are polished and sharpened, this makes it very sharp. 
Always wash after using, and before the material dries.

Rubber trowel and spare

Flexible rubber trowel 30cm long x 14cm wide and wooden handle, special to work the finest microcement, without grating or leaving marks when applying. 
Before using it for the first time, it is very important to sand the edges with a fine grain sandpaper to remove imperfections. With this we get rid of burrs in the edges and make it smoother. 
Always wash after using, and before the material dries.

Sandpaper in different grain

We have spare parts of grain grits 24, 40, 80, 120, 220 and 400. From coarse and abrasive, to fine for a smooth finish, we have everything necessary for a correct application of the coating. 
They are Velcro discs on the back for use in orbital broken sander or manual sanding gloves.